Larsen, from Torino, Italy have released in 13 years of activity 7 full length albums, 2 eps,  2 dvds, got lot of press on both sides of the Atlantic, including the prestigious Wire, and played all over the world (both as headliner or sharing the bill with people like Neurosis and Einstuerzende Neubauten among the others).

Collaborations (in studio and/or on stage) with such artists as Michael Gira, Matmos, Martin Bisi, Matt Howden, Lustmord, David Tibet, Deathprod, Julia Kent, Baby Dee, Origami Galaktika, Backworld, Matmos and sci-fi icon Catherine Schell plus the project - a band in itself - XXL (aka  Xiu Xiu + Larsen) as well as Larsen and Friends (along with David Tibet and Baby Dee of Current 93 plus Julia Kent and Johann Johannsson) also stand out on their record. Larsen’s members also run their own projects ( ( r ), Blind Cave Salamander…) and/or play solo as well as with other musicians. Larsen has also released  soundtracks , both for movies and theatre plays, including the award winner Cartoanimalettimatti (commissioned by the Univeristy of Torino for Winsor McKay's silent animated movies).

Within the end of 2011 Larsen will release 3 more albums: "Erroneous" a collaboration with Nurse With Wound, the "In V.Tro" project with z'ev and "Cool Cruel Mouth", a full new length song-oriented studio album with the legendary dubdiva/post-punk-cabaret icon from Crass to On-u sound via NWW, Coil & Current 93) Little Annie aka Annie Anxiety Bandez (also featured on Larsen’s 2008 "La Fever Lit")

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