Jo Quail

Jo Quail is a cellist and composer of instrumental music. Performing live as Jo Quail, her music has mesmerised and delighted audiences in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Jo is currently touring her debut solo album “From The Sea”, which musically travels a complex path from meditative ambience to dark brooding urgency. In her live solo performance, Jo plays an electric cello and uses looping to combine atonality with rich orchestration and deft percussive sounds to produce ‘majestic soundscapes’.

Jo also writes specially commissioned pieces for music, film and theatre companies. Jo’s previous commissions include Orphic Film (Fade – 2008), Teatro Vivo (The Three Sisters – 2009), Caesar Productions (String Casear – 2010) and Paul Schoolman’s latest film starring Derek Jacobi and Alice Krige.

Jo’s latest EP “The Pilbara” is a commissioned piece of sound art for the cultural organisation FORM, which explores the diverse landscape of the Pilbara region of Western Australia. This was premiered on the 6th October 2011; currently there are a handful of limited edition copies available only at concerts.

Jo also collaborates and performs live with musicians Tallulah Rendall, Rose McDowall and Will Connor of Vultures Quartet. Jo Quail previously wrote and performed in the group SonVer, releasing two albums and three EPs on Line Out and Disconnected Music. Jo is proud to use Larsen Strings for all live and recording work. Jo’s cello is made by Starfish Designs.

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