Zos Kia Sounds Compilations

Mission Statement: Twice a year ZKS will be releasing compilations that will benefit a charity of our choice. It's important to us to contribute to causes that are worth while and utilize music around the world to help others. If you have any suggestions of any charities please email us (you can find our email address on our About Us page). Also keep checking back or keep an eye on our News page for upcoming compilation releases.

Our first compilation, "Under A Big Red Sun" is packed with 25 contributing artists, all to benefit OxFam International.

Contributing artists:
Solar Cult - walking bird
Vultures Quartet - Dreaming of Jenkin Brown
Deglet Noor Fakirs - Valmara Duststorm
Blind Cave Salamander - Il pinguino volante
Big Brother On Acid - Chaos sigil-1
FluiD - What Is War
Blind Willies - Jezebel
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Thee Time of Future Events
Clark Meremeyer - pishdaramad-e segah
Anton Mobin - Sound materials of reconstruction
Ain Soph Aur - DreamGlop
John Garcia - Aguacates tumbacatres
Lords of Chaos - War City
Fancy Space People - Fancy Space People (Theme)
Window Tappers - Bruises
Hans Keller - Hyrax
Murmurists - Soprano Gory
Pulvis Sol - Here I Am
PAS - Telepathic Rain Race
Erik Walker - They Just Drifted Away
Philippe Petit & Perceval Bellone - Der Abschied Ewig
Shield Your Eyes - ArcFlash
Neither/Neither World - Angel's Eyes
Seesar - The Gease of Tsathoggua
Zettaimu - On Sowaka

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