We began our project from the Laugardalur district of our hometown Reykjavik. Our goal is to demonstrate and explore the concept of virtual space transference. Through our current understanding of quantum physics and prevailing string theory, we observe transference of energy through multiple dimensions. More specially, dimensions like space time, an interconnected structure which underlies the entire universe. We know of other particles, like gravity or virtual particles, which are hypothesized to permeate through multiple dimensions.

There must be other quantum particles which, by unknown means, interact with the electrical activity of the human mind, and forever imprint that change onto a higher level dimensional field. All minds of this planet are immersed in this field. And, all minds interact with it. This makes the prevailing imprints of the field to be the ones that are the zeitgeist of the time and local geologic space, for these are the ones that are repeatedly copied and re-imprinted back to the field, creating a positive feedback loop.

Our minds act with dual purpose. Since our mind can receive audible sonic frequencies and convert them into electrical patterns, patterns which in turn are imprinted to the field. By this manner, we wish to create an imprint strong enough to extend to the entirety of the planet. If in a few years time, we can approach anyone on the planet, whom have not directly heard the sonic patterns we have created, and believe our recording sounds familiar somehow, then we will have succeeded in our experiment.

To that end, we will infuse cover songs with original material and sound to provide minds a wider channel for minds to interact with. This should in effect provide a stronger conduit of transference. We must use different performers as not to imprint any particular voice pattern, but to keep the focus on the song pattern. Other songs will have familiar patterns from maths to allow minds a common universal ground. Use these patterns to help imprint embedding.

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